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Bringing a paper map with you on any excursion into the great outdoors is really important. That is why Canadian Map Makers are starting a new #hashtag campaign to promote and encourage the use of paper maps. We encourage paper map users to share photos of themselves on Social Media with their paper maps, using the hashtags #BringAMap and #LoveMyMap.

Map reading and backcountry navigation using traditional methods (map/compass) is a dying art. Technology has made people lazy, with total reliance on mobile navigation apps on the rise. Unfortunately, technology such as mobile phones and tablets can fail, and when this happens the situation can quickly become serious if there is no paper map to fall back to.

Phones/tablets can fail in a number of different ways, such as exposure to the elements and losing a signal. However the most common cause is battery drainage. Using a cell phone for navigation puts a very heavy load on the battery. If the battery then flat-lines later in the day there is no way for the phone user to then call for help. This is a common search and rescue scenario. If using a cell phone to aid with navigation, always #BringAMap (paper) and only use the cell phone briefly and occasionally to verify your position (if needed). For the rest of the time the cell phone should be switched off, saving the batteries for an emergency call if an emergency should occur.

FREE Indian Arm Explorer!!!

To existing Tri-Cities map customers I am offering a FREE Indian Arm Explorer (or any one of the other Virtual Outdoor Adventures products) for helping us promote #BringAMap and the Tri-Cities map.

For more details about what you will be receiving if you participate go to:

Step by step instructions on what to do are below:


1) Take a picture of yourself holding the map, just like in one of the examples below. Preferably it should be taken at a location on one of the hiking trails on the map, as we are then also promoting the great trails of the Tri-Cities. Don't worry, you don't have to be famous to receive your gift!

2) Post the picture to Facebook (and Twitter if you have an account).

3) Make sure that the post has a public visibility (otherwise I'll be unaware of your efforts !). Remember to switch back the settings after you are done!

4) Add descriptive text, including things such as where you went, why you like the map, and a message about the importance of paper maps (see top of this page). Also, make sure to include:

  • #BringAMap #LoveMyMap #Coquitlam #PortMoody
  • A link to the this website where this map can be purchased from:

5) Wait for me to contact you to arrange pickup of your Indian Arm Explorer (or other) [sorry - won't be able to mail]. I will be monitoring the #hashtag posts, but if you think I missed it let me know.

To see who has already posted, check out the #BringAMap Facebook Page.


Thank You!